Goshen International Model Agency differs from many other model agencies in ASIA. Having a model to just create a profit or increase their own fame, most of the agencies neglected the quality care and training of the model. On the other hand, we think the model has to be fully ready for the next job which is more important than a profit. The Goshen Team spends most of their time to care the models; adjust to life in Korea, build up his or her pose, and other required qualifications for becoming a perfect model. Also, Goshen Team provides special care for new face models. We teach all skills for every assignment. The new face models will build a successful career and the premium models will add another remarkable modelling experience into his or her portfolio.The members of our agency are skilled and dedicated workers to attain quality jobs for the models we have. So you won’t have to worry about the models meanwhile we take care of them for you. Every single Goshen members want to be a dream-maker for your model.

International Model is the Korean leader in the international model management and talent discovery, widely recognized for its diverse client roster. The agency’s offices are located in Seoul.We are believed models could be managed as talent in the same vein as professional other entertainers or celebrities Goshen’s conviction resulted in the industry’s highest standard of excellence. By managing careers over bookings, a point of difference which has propelled Goshen international nonstop growth, the agency has claimed the vanguard for over the decades. As an industry forerunner, Goshen International Model continues to challenge that are broaden opportunities for all of Goshen models and clients.Goshen models represent that the stability and depth of experience of international booking and management team. The agency’s ability to manage and maximize a model’s career at every stage has been proven innumerable times and nurturing newly discovered new face model. We are the pioneer of revitalization to TV commercial, magazine page, print advertisement, runways and all around parts of a commercial.